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2:44Tinder Profile Picture Day (Animated Edition)
5:00Summit of the Subreddits
Summit of the SubredditsVistas 359 milHace 8 meses
7:11Oreo CEO:  Stop Making New Oreos
Oreo CEO: Stop Making New OreosVistas 3,5 MHace 9 meses
19:00Every Troopers Animated Ever (Full Series)
5:39A Message From the Skype CEO
A Message From the Skype CEOVistas 2,9 MHace 10 meses
3:42Death By Space (Troopers Animated)
Death By Space (Troopers Animated)Vistas 268 milHace 11 meses
3:14What It's Like To Date An Alien
What It's Like To Date An AlienVistas 291 milHace 11 meses
3:39Troopers vs. Performance Reviews
Troopers vs. Performance ReviewsVistas 189 milHace un año
3:11If I Had the Money That Bezos Had
If I Had the Money That Bezos HadVistas 979 milHace un año
2:51Troopers vs. Teleporter
Troopers vs. TeleporterVistas 235 milHace un año
2:41Troopers vs. Social Media
Troopers vs. Social MediaVistas 263 milHace un año
2:26Realistic Hollywood Sex-Scene
Realistic Hollywood Sex-SceneVistas 156 MHace 13 años
3:36The Six Girls You'll Date in College
The Six Girls You'll Date in CollegeVistas 112 MHace 10 años
3:35Sex with The Hulk
Sex with The HulkVistas 86 MHace 9 años
2:52Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style Parody)
3:35Guy Stuck in History Class
Guy Stuck in History ClassVistas 65 MHace 13 años
2:12If Google Was A Guy
If Google Was A GuyVistas 52 MHace 7 años
1:41Photoshop Has Gone Too Far
Photoshop Has Gone Too FarVistas 48 MHace 7 años
4:08Batman Can't Stop Thinking About Sex
2:10The Problem with Jeggings
The Problem with JeggingsVistas 46 MHace 9 años
2:01If Google Was A Guy (Part 2)
If Google Was A Guy (Part 2)Vistas 43 MHace 7 años
1:36Un-safe Sex
Un-safe SexVistas 39 MHace 14 años
SexpectationsVistas 39 MHace 8 años
3:33Your Girlfriend's Six Friends
Your Girlfriend's Six FriendsVistas 38 MHace 9 años
2:12Even More Problems with Jeggings
Even More Problems with JeggingsVistas 36 MHace 10 años
2:30Dorm Bathroom
Dorm BathroomVistas 36 MHace 13 años
2:10Why Girls Don't Fart...
Why Girls Don't Fart...Vistas 36 MHace 13 años
2:35If Google Was A Guy (Part 3)
If Google Was A Guy (Part 3)Vistas 35 MHace 7 años
2:36Sober Sex
Sober SexVistas 31 MHace 9 años
10:35If Google Was A Guy (Full Series)
If Google Was A Guy (Full Series)Vistas 30 MHace 2 años
3:32The Problems With Jeggings Continue
The Problems With Jeggings ContinueVistas 27 MHace 10 años
2:49Predator's Teenage Son
Predator's Teenage SonVistas 27 MHace 11 años
2:12ShamWow Guy in Jail
ShamWow Guy in JailVistas 27 MHace 12 años
1:57Guy Buys Condoms
Guy Buys CondomsVistas 26 MHace 12 años
2:01Girl Buys Condoms
Girl Buys CondomsVistas 26 MHace 12 años
2:39Batman Chooses His Voice
Batman Chooses His VoiceVistas 25 MHace 10 años
3:21Porn Tech Support
Porn Tech SupportVistas 25 MHace 11 años
2:13Every 7 Seconds: The Date
Every 7 Seconds: The DateVistas 25 MHace 9 años
3:27Grammar Nazis
Grammar NazisVistas 24 MHace 11 años
GymVistas 24 MHace 12 años


  • Katie didn’t double speak when counting the suckers.

  • I love this actor lol

  • I guess that Brennan is immortal, sneezes blood, spits xenomorphic saliva, blind in one eye, fireproof, pukes hot sauce, garlic, and I think lemonade? Stabbed in the heart, and just a thing on my screen. Wow.

  • The waiting on the car for 15 minutes and still being early was a personal attack on me.

  • This is a legit app in India my friends used

  • Microsoft killed Skype. LinkedIn is next

  • Thanks for letting me know all these word to call people to trigger them

  • I watched this when it came out. Why everyone tripping out? 😂

    • “Age ain’t nothing but a number”- whoa 👎🏾

  • Just use a squatty potty, shit comes out in 30 seconds, minimal wiping

  • this reminds me of the time someone corrected my spelling of the word awesome thinking it was spelled "awsome"

  • Some kids in my elementary school couldn't do #1 unless it was a #81. We used to flick their bare butts with droplets of water, and even though we got in trouble for doing that it was always worth it to hear their screams.

  • n word

  • Is Raph doing a Donald Glover impersonation?

  • Am I the only one that fells kind of... Superior

  • This sketch is tight af all round. Editing, timing, script, performances. Not a weak link in sight.

  • The line “ I run a popularity contest to where if you lose you die” hits hard

  • In other words: trash is ruining trash

  • This guy is me

  • Brennan is a great role-player and all.... but there's just something special about the boonoonoo in the exhoost-poop

  • I like Bespoke tbh, it's neat, got a lil cement block for burning isopropyl and I've just been dealing with money stuff too much to use em

  • Yeah try $300 million dollar plane vs $90 million…(I watch true crime airplane crash investigation constantly)

  • It's too meta for me because it's an Indian person,

  • The man just wanted his parking lot

  • 1:24 Who actually thinks that's offensive? 🤣 Only white people do.