A Message From the Skype CEO

Publicado el 16 mar 2021
The CEO of Skype is here with a message for all you "loyal" users.
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  • This is honestly what I was thinking all throughout the pandemic.

  • If he hears my dad saying "Shall we Skype on Zoom" he's going to blow his brains out.

  • I gotta hand it to Microsoft, it's a really impressive feat to bring a company from a household verb status to almost nothing, while somehow still being profitable.

  • I'm convinced that none of this is scripted and it's just Brennan improvising.

  • Can we address the fact that each CEO is different but he always finds new unique ways to harness that mental breakdown energy

  • It's amazing how Brennan manages to give each CEO their own brand of insanity.

  • I absolutely

  • Skype is great but does it accidentally turn lawyers into kittens during an important video conference with a judge? No it doesn’t.

  • 99.9% convinced that Brennan is actually extremely unstable and that the team just put him in front of a camera and hit record

  • "Zoom can support calls with up to 1,000 people"

  • Skype: You took everything away from me.

  • I can’t wait to see “A message from OnlyFans CEO”

  • It's crazy that Skype really has been around forever and the very first thing everyone turns to when shit hits the fan is some random ass app that barely anyone knew about before hand

  • Conspiracy Theory: The reason that every CEO looks like Brennan is because Jonathan floor from Movie Pass must keep changing his name and switching jobs so that the Russian mob won't kill him.

  • I love when he screams "I will have my revenge" the mic peaks and they have to completely tune down the volume to prevent Brennan from decimating the audience's eardrums

  • THIS ACTOR IS BRILLIANT. I want his Netflix special stand up.

  • Zoom and Skype are the two parents arguing in the car while Discord (the traumatized child) sits in the back trying not to cry

  • In case anyone was wondering what actually happened to make Skype decline:

  • Brennan is just gold. His CEO character is one of the funniest things of the last 30 years.