Bartending, Improv, and Other Trends of 2011 | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 21 dic 2021
The news crew talks corgi butts, National Call Your Dead Grandma Day, and the Pulitzer surprise.

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Comentarios: 486

  • Amy with the almost instant and complete breakdown. Truly, she is a gift.

  • The sheer horror Lily had when she had to list ten things was PRICELESS

  • I think Amy misheard the rules and thinks laughing the most gets you the win.. in her mind.. she's killing it.. undefeated and such..

  • It's funny how the two universal truths of breaking news are: Amy can't win and Katie can't lose

  • I love that the FIRST time we see brennan unable to improvise it was about his own social experiences lmao

  • Amy isn't a contestant, she's part of the challenge. And I love it.

  • Lily doesn't break often, but when she does, she breaks hard and takes everyone else too

  • I love how after "Wake me up when Covid ends am I right?" it actually says [nobody laugh at this] but Brennan and Lily both laugh, the usually most reliable non laughers 😂😂

  • Lily listing ways to celebrate National Call Your Dead Grandmother Day was some absolutely top-tier improv.

  • The idea of Brennan as a bartender is so funny to me, because, all his talent and mental feats aside, he's kinda just a crabby little guy.

  • Tao is 100% the only person who could even come close to bluffing that they are in fact someone else after stealing their identity

  • These never fail to make me smile, but the ones with Amy always bring me to tears. So goddamn funny.

  • I’m sorry but that top ten traditions for National Grandma’s Dead Day had me cackling!!! 😂

  • Never change, Amy.

  • Brennan:

  • Every episode with Amy is a gift.

  • Brennan mutters "Jesus.." as Lily self-immolates and the chyron immediately adds "He can't help you now, Brennan"

  • As much as I love Katie's extreme control, I much prefer Amy's complete breakdown in two seconds flat

  • The episodes with Amy in them are the best by default. Her inability to not stop laughing is contagious and it's just funny watching her trying to keep it together.

  • “Do you have a news story about bacon for us or are you just wasting our time with a personal anecdote?” is SUCH a bar