Batman Can't Stop Thinking About Sex

Publicado el 16 dic 2012
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The Dark Knight isn't the only thing rising because also his penis is rising.

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Comentarios: 20 524

  • Quite literally one of the funniest skits ever made.

  • Talia: I just stabbed you

  • "Really Seals In the Flavour"

  • I feel like the most underrated line from this video is when he calls bane “guy who breathes through a crab”

  • "His face is all wet. Like mine was.. at the beginning; and yours was- at the end :)"

  • "I found it, im the worlds greatest detective" that did it for me 😂

  • Who else thinks College Humor could literally make an actual full comedic spoof version of all three batman movies.

  • Bane: I'm her protector.

  • ''In an order that would surprise you''

  • The dude who wrote these lines is an absolute genius.

  • “You tamed my monster, with your mouth, and two other an order that would surprise you.”

  • This is horribly outdated now. DC has confirmed Batman does not perform oral.

  • Christian bale would've won an oscar with those lines.

  • Her last words were “SPIT IN MY MOUTH”

  • "I found it! .. I'm the world's greatest detective" had me dying

  • This actress looks more Talia than the one in the movie.

  • "guy who breathes through a crab"

  • “My father only tamed a monster”

  • I doubt college humor would make a sketch like this these days because its actually funny

  • "Really seals in the flavor" 😂😂😂