Batman Chooses His Voice

Publicado el 25 dic 2011
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He's been workshopping a few things. From Front Page Films.

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  • These guys severely need their own batman shorts series. Jake and amir style. Ergo, Endless episodes.

  • John Malkovitch, Al Pacino, British accent, Mark Wahlberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Ray Romano, Spanish, Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell as Harry Caray, Big Gay Al from South Park, Nicolas Cage, Smeagol, Dustin Hoffman, and the last one seems to be Will Ferrell/Gator from The Other Guys.

  • I died when he did the Malkovich expression😂😂😂

  • It’s almost been 8 years and we still don’t know where the drugs were going..

  • When he says “swear to me” he sounds more intimidating than Christian Bale imo 🦇

  • His Malkovich and Pacino were on point

  • What's funny is he drops him without finding out where where the other drugs going haha

  • Best joke:

  • Batman was so excited about his new voice that he forgot to find out where the drugs were going.

  • “I ran this by Alfre- by people I know”

  • When he breaks character and says "That was supposed to be Dustin Hoffman" always gets me

  • 0:07

  • He didn't actually get to know where the drugs are going...

  • Tbh his first voice was terrifying. He sounds out of his fucking mind.

  • I'm rewatching this years later and at

  • The end killed me ”who else has this number?”

  • Back when CollegeHumor actually had good videos.

  • 2:18

  • When he started speaking Spanish I DIED😂😂😂

  • Batman: Who else has this number?