Brian Hitler Is One of the 10 Worst Brians | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 27 jul 2021
Trapp tries to name the worst Brians while Brennan explains exactly how to talk to your neighbors.

ALLY: agbeardsley
GRANT: grantob
KATIE: katiemarovitch
TAO: tyang209
TRAPP: mikewtrapp
RAPH: chestangraphael
REKHA: rekhalshankar
BRENNAN: brennanlm
RYAN: ryguyguyry
CAROLYN: jacuzzitubbs
SAM: samreich

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Comentarios: 1 041

  • Grant did it right by giving Zac the prop comedy bit of the script. I was dying when he was just staring daggers at the bowl getting progressively filled with whipped cream

  • I loved that they bullied Grant so much that he actually had to STEP IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA to defend himself

  • I love how Zac didn't just do almost flawlessly, but his delivery made others laugh even more than the script did😂

  • Ally should not have been penalized for laughing in character. I'm talking about fake news anchor laughs.

  • Zac is so talented, he made

  • Even when Grant isn’t in the sketch he’s still everyone’s bottom

  • "That's the most Grant shit I can think of." Fucking KILLED me.

  • A couple of Ally's "Breaks" were just them injecting laughter into the bit which I think is unfair of Grant to take away points for. Take like 8 points off Ally! Cmon!

  • Grant isn't even in this one and still gets roasted.

  • Why does the Hitler part remind me of the old legendary skit about Wolfenstein

  • The way Brennan casually yet threateningly breaks the 4th wall with "if anyone tries to move past this bit, I will flip out in real life" had me in stitches

  • Brian Beardsley, Brian Oyama, and Bryan Lee Mulligan were right there, Trapp.

  • The fact that it feels like Grant lost this one makes me feel whole again.

  • You can literally hear Grant laughing when Trapp says "Brian Grant O'Brien"

  • Zac comes back to CH only for them to torture him like this

  • The 30 seconds of of whipped cream, the tiny phwap of falling cream, and the 10 seconds of stiring to be finished with the tiniest bite killed me

  • Zac v Grant: the unstoppable dated reference force versus the unflappable object.

  • Zac dunking on Grant almost feels like a CH tradition. One that should never die.

  • I don’t think every literal laugh or smile counts as a character break, a lot of Ally’s laughs/smiles were in character

  • I love how they’re bullying Grant and Zac is STILL powering through the oatmeal