Death By Space (Troopers Animated)

Publicado el 16 feb 2021
When Dreadlord closes a door (leading to the void of space), he opens a window (also to space).

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Comentarios: 351

  • Always remember, when one door closes, a window leading to the void of space opens

  • I cant believe space could have done such a thing. I hope he pays the price

  • plot twist: they all pull a princess leia and survive

  • In the words of Markiplier:

  • He who controls the doors, controls space

  • The door to the infirmary that actually leads to outer space is still a better health care system than we have in the United States.

  • Sam really just decided to voice an entire episode alone, wildly impressive

  • The fact that everyone in the spa was wearing their "suits" implies they are not actually suits, but their skin.

  • He has the money to let the elite troopers recover in an infirmary. He could have built multiple infirmaries around the ship, even. He's just too evil to want to.

  • Yay more troopers

  • He who controls the doors, controls space itself.

  • I mean sure it’s funny when it’s a few troopers into space.....

  • A real spa does add a false sense of security.

  • Petition for Collegehumor to make an educational version of WAP from Cardi B about cats just like their Anaconda version from Nicki Minaj 👀

  • "I see no issue with that."

  • Is this just the Sam Reich show now? If so, I'm all about it.

  • So working for dread lord no matter what screws you over because he’s not just evil but cheap as he can’t pay anyone if they’re all dead

  • Another wonderful episode of Troopers animated! Keep up the good work CollegeHumor/Dropout.

  • Can't beat the original. I still count this as the original. :) good work.

  • Yes. I love troopers.