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Publicado el 24 ago 2021
Stamps Dotcom & Marc Maron report that Russian Space Dog is back, and it thinks it's better than us.

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Comentarios: 708

  • Katie's poker face is unparalleled

  • Goddammit, I watch all these episodes just waiting for Katie to break. Her will is stronger than Bill Belichicks

  • I love that this show is slowly becoming "How can we shit on Grant every show"

  • Well well well Brennan, looks like Amy isn't the only one with a "Maybe this will stop me from laughing" face

  • Katie's mastery of the game is just amazing, makes everyone else look like absolute amateurs

  • Marc: feels nothing. is intensely frightened of animals. Has a rash on his leg that speaks tongues and remembers WW1

  • I like how we pretty much never see Katie's video feed unless she's speaking because there's literally nothing to see. It would just be like putting up a photograph of a stone-faced individual.

  • Marc’s “I feel nothing” monologue was meant for Katie

  • You guys should set up an episode where Katie competes against a Beefeater guard, a personal computer with text-to-speech software, and a cardboard cutout of Brennan with a speaker taped to it. She'd still be the odds-on favorite but it would at least be a little competitive.

  • "It's called a Grant". I've gotta admit, some part of my soul knew that was where that was heading lol

  • This is the most I've ever seen Brennan break.

  • Damn why is no one talking about Ify both coming in second place AND somehow actively performing the role? Didn't even do that monotone teleprompter reading most other contestants do and somehow managed to only lose to Katie.

  • This is favourite show at Collegehumor atm. It just oozes of real personality and charisma

  • How does Katie not break! Also the expressions Brennan makes trying not to laugh are so so funny lol

  • Can we all acknowledge Katie's willpower!?! Good lord that is some self-discipline

  • Wow, Brennan's losing his edge. That was an awful lot of breaks for him.

  • Ify really makes his rounds around ESmain. I was wondering where he was.

  • Katie once again being the undisputed champion of staying composed

  • Honestly, Katie is the real MVP and forever reigning Champion. 🥇

  • I saw Ify in Smosh’s TNTL, and ngl his humor is top tier. Glad to see him here too :))