Dinosaurs Were Technically Birds | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 28 sep 2021
Elaine Carroll & Sam ignore a local murder and Brennan lists the perverted things that turn him on.

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  • Anyone else notice that the second Brennan got into character he didn't lose any more points

  • I love that grant made everyone else make stuff up but he gave brennan an exact list of things to say that turns his character on

  • Amy DEFINITELY should have been in this one. We may have hit triple digits

  • I liked the torture provided by forcing someone to flounder at something one of the others could do so much better: Having Sam struggle with birds when Brennan could've whipped out 101 bird facts. And Sam dying to do impressions when Kellen "bear"ly got through.

  • Brennan came as clutch again with his bird facts.

  • I'm sorry but "I'm walking here" as every impression will definitely be one of my go to jokes

  • Brennan is okay at not laughing, but has perfected the art of making everyone else laugh.

  • There is nothing scarier than when you are walking alone in the woods and suddenly hear "I'm walking here" from behind the bushes. You just gotta play dead and pray to god that the bear will actually just continue to keep walking.

  • Sam: "I mean, dinosaurs are technically birds"

  • Keeping the split screen while everyone laughs at "we ALL get wet" and Brennan just stares was a genius move

  • I love at

  • Brennan's part came on and he's like "and now, I break you".

  • Brennan just killed it! This is on par with watching Katie and her stone face 🤣

  • Brennan literally hit Elaine for 21 points by himself that was incredible, that role was written for him

  • Who knew asking someone to name 10 birds would have deteriorated the whole thing so fast?

  • I really like how they slowly move towards more Improv, giving a better balance of hillarious dialouge promots and then stepping back and letting the comedians do their thing

  • I love how Brennan's character is a total perv and he defaults to the creepy vampire from the bar in Fantasy High.

  • 5:59

  • When Sam is in stuff it feels like when someone managed to convince your favorite teacher to participate in a skit in the school talent show and I fucking love it.

  • I just love how wrong he is. "dinosaurs were technically birds" and he immediately says "pterodactyl" which are reptiles.