Disgruntled Sewer Men Demand to Meet Ninja Turtles | No Laugh Newsroom [Full Episode]

Publicado el 15 jun 2021
Patrick McDonald and Katie Marovitch try to cancel teeth, but get distracted by their side projects.

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  • I love that “please don’t test lines out from your screenplay” is what finally took Katie down

  • Hearing Katie say "He only eats Mexican food. Dumbass." is far too delightful.

  • HOLY SHEET KATIE BROKE!!!! She hasn't broken since Season One!

  • "i'm alive, barely and against my will" is a whole-ass mood

  • Katie broke. Now reality is broken.

  • I already knew that Katie was an absolute beast at this, Lily seems to have won this one though. I shall watch her career with great interest.

  • I'm more interested in this "Danny" plotline than them laughing

  • Katie laughed at something not morbid. Has she developed some form of human brain or is she just pretending in order to fit in.

  • This was Trapp’s way of administering his long-awaited revenge after Pat spoiled Avengers: Endgame

  • They were so proud of breaking Katie that they had to put it in the thumbnail. Guys, looks like her rehab is working.

  • I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Katie break in one of these.

  • That weird weak hand-slapping between Katie and Pat at the end was effin adorable

  • not only did katie break, but she got beaten? wow

  • Katie laughing is like Thanos bleeding

  • 2:11

  • Oh my God Katie broke! I've watched so many of these and never seen her so much as crack a smile!

  • This should be called "whomever can make Patrick laugh more, wins". Awesome video! First time I've seen it. Well done!

  • The script got real wierd even by Breaking News standards.

  • Katie laughed! Omg she never breaks haha