Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter)

Publicado el 4 jul 2012

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Dora Trilogy PART 1 -

The "Modern Family" star breaks skulls and language barriers.

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Comentarios: 63 760

  • When CollegeHumor does a better trailer than the real thing 7 years ago

  • I remember saying that if this was actually ever a real movie, I would see it.

  • Why does Dora call herself an explorer when she’s just running around mapped places

  • I miss the days where “Dora: The Movie” was just a CollegeHumor sketch

  • Why is it that THIS looks about 100% better than the ACTUAL DORA MOVIE TRAILER??

  • The fact that this actually ended up becoming an actual (somewhat) action movie later on... Well played CH, well played indeed.

  • “Swiper, he’s right behind you!”

  • Why does this look more high-budget than the actual trailer?😂

  • See, THIS I would gladly pay to see. This is how the actual movie should be made.

  • Imagine Dora swearing in front of 5 year old kids

  • This looks so much more interesting then the actual film.

  • I love how this has more views than the actually legit trailer

  • I think this has a cooler plot and cooler trailer than the upcoming Dora the Explorer movie this year 😂

  • no lie, this should be the actual Dora movie.

  • This is probably way more entertaining than the upcoming Dora Movie for 2019

  • I love how she looks at the camera and explains Spanish in English like the old times

  • “Where? Do you see Swiper?”

  • This is the live action Dora movie we deserved!

  • A joke in 2012 is now an actual thing in 2019.

  • “Where?”