Dorm Bathroom

Publicado el 26 ago 2008
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  • Wait, he said it was his first shower of college and the girl on the phone said midterms were coming up. LOL

  • I actually wish bathrooms had a band to sing for you in the shower. Imagine how fun that would be...

  • "first shower of college" "we're both so busy and it's midterms right now." does that mean he did not shower the first half of the semester?

  • So, did he just walk out of his dorm completely naked

  • When I was in college I learned very quickly that the best time to take a shower is in the middle of the day when most people are at their classes.

  • So, college humour used to be about college?

  • I just realized he could've used the bathroom after the girl walked out.

  • I must admit...there was really good acoustics in there!

  • AND THIS! is why I live in a condo for school thank you celestia

  • What kind of public shower has a glass door...

  • It's not a college humor POV without the phrase "How is that even possible" or any other variant ^^

  • I like how that girl was Amir's girlfriend, but she was on the phone with "kevin" how deep does the rabbit hole go?

  • Am I the only one who actually thought that "Taking a Shower" song by the quartet was pretty cool?

  • i feel like no one appreciates how well these are done. it’s either one shot or very well edited.

  • Man, it's hard to believe college humor use to do skits about actual college life XD

  • 0:38

  • I was heading into 1st grade when this came out. I watched it when it came out. Now 12 years later I'm about go to college and experience this for the first time. And I swear to god if there arent a bunch of guys singing in there then I'm dropping out.

  • So wait did that other guy leave his room and walk back down the hallway naked just to get his towel back?

  • Taking a shower