Even More Problems with Jeggings

Publicado el 24 abr 2011
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  • I wouldn't be surprised if future clothing is like this.

  • Girl: what about Nadia, she’s wearing like a cloak or something.”

  • "What about my strapless dress?"

  • the most unrealistic part of this is that a strapless dress is allowed

  • I feel so sorry for Duct Tape kid. He wasn't hurting anyone :(

  • "It's a crotchless burqa"

  • "What about my strapless dress?"

  • “LISTEN UP YOU SLLUUTZ” I died at that part 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I literally come back randomly to this video at least once a year and I just lose it every single time. Classic.

  • Aww poor duct tape guy... He just wanted to feel secure

  • Student 1: "What about my strapless dress?"

  • Meanwhile in real schools...

  • Tape shirt guy wasn't doing anything wrong.

  • I love how there's only one guy dressed normaly on behalf of all normally dressed people.

  • "i feel like i should be arrested for being in this classroom" gets me everytime

  • Also clear pants are actually a thing now

  • “You’d literally be killed with rocks for wearing that in certain countries.”

  • OMG The hoodie with half bra showing is literally a trend now in 2019😂

  • "I feel like I should be arrested just for being in this class" XD

  • I enjoy wearing a uniform to school. I never have a 20 minute debate on what I'm going to wear.