Every 7 Seconds: The Date

Publicado el 28 mar 2012
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A new series about sex, and the men who think about it. Like, constantly.

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  • Damn I can't believe I am watching these again! lol

  • I would feel so bad for men if it were actually like this..

  • Damn those thumbnails. They work wonders.

  • This guy's life must be really hard

  • Nine years ago you watched this for the thumbnail, today you watched it because you miss the golden days of College Humor.

  • I watch this video every 7 seconds

  • Men think about sex every 7 seconds, that's why I try to finish my hotdog in 6.. so things don't look awkward

  • I'd save the date by saying she is so beautiful that I got lost for a moment and ask her to repeat herself, WIN! :P

  • I actually liked this! It was awesome!!! Keep doing this series! :D

  • This guy may want to see a doctor.

  • Thank you for being a voice of reason, rymdalkis :) I can also attest to the fact that feminist discourse often includes problems facing men. So yeah.

  • Also, every 7 seconds, time stops for 5 seconds.

  • You mean other people get 7 second breaks?

  • im rewatching this and honestly now that ive watched it again my original hunch (that this was just made to crank as many sex jokes into it as possible) is true

  • hahahahaha 😂 this video made my day ! hope there's a longer version or even a movie ! 😛

  • welcome to bill clinton's life 😏

  • I think the 7 seconds part is like an averaged out thing over a day on how much a guy will.

  • Being a man, this vid is very inaccurate. It happens every 4 seconds, get it right

  • Who in the world responds to a man meekly whining "mommy!" on their first date with

  • I found this incredibly hilarious. I died at the end. Seems like at the end the 7 seconds started going by faster, LMFAO!