Girl Buys Condoms

Publicado el 13 oct 2009
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  • I've literally had only chill science teachers in my lifetime

  • 1:22

  • "That's it girl, you get some!" These always end in the most hilarious ways! XD

  • "How can something so small prevent stds?"

  • "Seriously guys, the puke isn't gonna clean itself!!!". Laughed my ass off.

  • They legit fooled 23M men into clicking with the thumbnail

  • "Thats it girl, you get some"

  • That's it girl, you get some! I fucking died XD

  • That teacher seems like the type that’s a hardass in school but a party girl everywhere else

  • Face it: if you're a guy, there's a 99% chance that the thumbnail was the reason why you clicked this

  • I was at Target once, waiting in line at the pharmacy, and I noticed that Trojan has started selling the finger vibrators, and was almost in disbelief. I picked up the box and looked /really/ into reading it, and my fourth grade teacher said my name, and I looked up to see her extremely distraught and confused.

  • "Men Buy Condoms"

  • Yes men, that's really what women see when they look down XD

  • "That's it girl! Go get some!" Lmao!!!!!

  • starts watching

  • Haha, reminds me of the first time I bought condoms. I was extremely nervous, but thought to myself "why am I nervous, buying condoms means that I'm planning on having sex, and that's something to be proud of,". And when I got to the counter the woman checking me out smiled at me and said "good boy". After that I was never nervous about buying anything ever again.

  • "Seriously guys, the puke isn't going to clean itself" xD

  • I literally died when she said "that's it girl you get some" x'D

  • One time I went to buy condoms at 7-eleven and I didn't notice there was a line at the cashier so I just went up to the employee to pay and a guy next to me says: - Excuse me, I was in line.

  • I love the cashier. He looks so chipper for the whole video.