Grammar Nazis

Publicado el 14 jun 2010
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  • So a Frenchman, a German, and a Jew arguing about grammar in English?

  • I know this is only a parody but the guy playing the SS Colonel is actually spot on with his impersonation of Christoph Waltz

  • “Her and I buy our milk at the same market”

  • The new CH ain’t bad, but the classics can’t be beat

  • That was actually a pretty good Christoff Waltz impersonation

  • This comment section's grammar has more mistakes than the DNA string of a kid at Chernobyl.

  • Imagine if every English teacher was like that.

  • The acting in this short was surprisingly good.

  • When he says "Did you think I was so stupid, I wouldn't recognize a run-on sentence?" and "Wrong! You have to match your subject with your verb!" his facial expressions are priceless.

  • "Jack off the horse"

  • "Wrong! You have to match your subject with your verb."

  • The impersonations of both the Frenchman and Christoph Waltz' Hans Landa were impeccable. Brava, CollegeHumor!

  • The SS stands for Sentence Structure.

  • “Hiding under the floorboards, I have finally found you.”

  • He does a REALLY good job of impersonating Christoph Waltz

  • "hiding under the floorboards"

  • As funny as this is, I just can't get over how much these actors resemble those in the actual movie, especially Mr. LaPadite.

  • "No mature content"

  • (stolen from a tumblr post i once saw)

  • Still one of the best sketches from collegehumor