Guy Buys Condoms

Publicado el 20 oct 2009

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  • The first time I bought condoms I was a bit embarrassed, when I looked one of the workers in the eyes she noticed it, smiled and said "better than having to buy a stroller."

  • My health teacher told me that if you are too immature and insecure when buying condoms, you are not ready to get laid.

  • "Well I'm going to enjoy it ether way so I might as well get the ones for her pleasure"

  • So....a blow dryer, shovel, cat food and condoms.

  • I remember buying trash bags, rope, a hack saw, bleach and a big ass cleaver at the hardware store. The cashier gave me an odd look, but until I was in my car I realised I just had bought a serial killer kit.

  • I'm a cashier-- I can assure you, the cashier doesn't give a fuck.

  • Good thing they now have self checkouts :)

  • I buy several packets at once, and lube, and maintain direct iron eye-contact with the cashier the whole time.

  • Lol buying condoms shouldn't be awkward, it shows you're getting some and you're being smart about it. Goes for both guys and girls, have fun and be safe!!

  • "Why should I be embarrassed? He's the one who works at the drug store! I'm getting laid"

  • ahh i remember my first time buying condoms. i went with a friend and we were both getting laid after winter formal and so we went into the condom aisle for a box of trojans. we didnt know condoms could be so expensive and we were broke ass high school students that just paid for formal. we decided to split a large box and we avoided the regular line to get to the self checkout station. a worker came by to help and we just froze in awkwardness. 30 seconds later we walked out with a box of condoms. took us longer to buy condoms than we lasted that night.

  • I wanted him to pick up all the crap he knocked over... I swear.

  • last time the cashier told me to have an awesome night

  • You never know when you're going to need a plastic toy shovel.

  • idk why i lost it when he took the shovel for some reason XD

  • If you're too embarrassed to buy condoms, you're probably a minute man.

  • Tips for buying awkward items:

  • To let under age people know it is 100% legal to buy condoms under age in all 50 states. government know's you'll just raw dog it anyway. even if you under the states age of consent. you can still buy them ;)

  • Me buying condoms as a male

  • Dealing with the anxiety of buying condoms is much easier than dealing with anxiety of waiting on the results of the blood/pregnancy/culture test. Just saying