Guy Stuck in History Class

Publicado el 11 may 2008
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To shoot this, we hooked up our cameras to your brain.

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Comentarios: 29 708

  • Legends say he is still stuck in history class to this day

  • I wish they would make these videos again

  • Did anyone else feel such second hand embarrassment for him at the end when he said that out loud?

  • looks over at her

  • Talk about

  • sadly this kind of content on college humor is gone now

  • I fucking lost it when he fucked up on the cough and fart coordination 😂

  • Even though this is made in 2008, this is still me

  • For anyone curious, the answer at

  • True fact: Everyone in that class is a parent today

  • I miss this college humour..

  • See you all in about 11 years when this is recommended again!

  • I hope nobody will ever hear what I say in my head.

  • Damn college humour was good back in 2008

  • The air is like blankets, this is me 5 minutes after my teacher starts talking.

  • Yes?

  • This came out when I was 6. Now I’m 18 and it’s like we’re all living the same lives.

  • The part where he says, "No, it's cause you're boring as f*ck!" was the most relatable thing I've heard in these videos.

  • "Couldn't have been me I'm too busy drawing cubes"

  • to escape reality all you have to do is draw cubes and nobody will notice your missing