Publicado el 4 ene 2010

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Watch this enough times, you might just get in shape.


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  • Making fun of an unfit person for going to the gym is like making fun of someone going to the grocery store to get milk.

  • Most really muscular guys at the gym are more than willing to lend a hand. I can't think of a time when I was every laughed at when just starting out.

  • ive been going to different gyms for 5 years and no one judges others at the gym, they're all here to lend a hand

  • Haha, I just realized how much of a wimp I am at the gym.

  • This was rather spot on.

  • "Is that even possible?" - every college humor pov video

  • "You look like an idiot" The story of my life

  • As a woman I have never been in a men's locker room. But every guy I know says that every men's locker room always has at least one naked old man walking around aimlessly

  • "No more dinner from the vending machine." lmao true.

  • Screw the gym, I'm already ripped!

  • I like how what made the guys intelligent(besides studying neuroscience) is that they had "British" accents

  • What about the guy who constantly groans while he's working out?

  • He passed out by using a machine with the same weight of a cat.

  • I smiled all the way through this and lost it at the end, laughing.

  • Ironically I get judged more at planet fitness where its "judgement free" then any other gym.

  • Dude, you don't go to gym to impress girls. You go to gym to get bigger and stronger, fitter and healthier, and improve your life!

  • Oh man do I empathize with this guy. I only really started going to the gym last year and I'm still one of the thin guys curling 15lbs on an arm. Great thing about the gym, though, is also what's great about swimming: Nobody really notices or cares what you do. Unless you're a hulk or you deliberately slam weights to try to attract attention, you'll rarely have anybody take much notice. The pretty girls, like everyone else, are absorbed in their routines and don't much care what goes on around them. Poor girls are definitely eye-humped by every guy in the room though. (Mirror science!)

  • they forgot to metion the guy who screams at himself "COME ON" while lifting.

  • >Tries to impress a girl

  • Oh my God, this is exactly all our Gym experiences, epic! No parody, this is a documentary!!