Handshakes For Men, Hugs For Women | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 13 jul 2021
Amy shows off some new dances. Brennan is a 12 year old trapped in an adult's body.

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  • Amy’s a powerful force on this show, sure she’s definitely going to laugh the most but I she unfailingly makes everyone break over and over

  • Amy broke Brennan, he and everyone else laughed more than most losers on each other episode. She really is the winner of breaking news, nobody else can get this much laughter out of Brennan

  • Ally realizing that they roped themself into something they knew couldn't be deliverd, followed by immediately moving on as if it didn't just happen is simply outstanding.

  • Okay, hear me out: we bring on all the people that don’t break…but we also bring Amy.

  • Amy's the catalyst for everyone on this show going off the rails.

  • This is actually the first time Amy’s score was less than everyone else’s combined

  • Brennan can let himself laugh because Amy is definitely going to lose.

  • The two things that make Brennan break without fail: being mean to Grant and Amy losing her mind.

  • Rehka's "woah, there are lyrics?" to amy's dance absolutely broke me

  • "I panicked, and now I'm leaning in."

  • I literally began crying and couldn’t breathe because I laughed so hard. Amy is a psychological weapon.

  • This is the most Brennan has ever smiled in any College Humor video.

  • that's the wheeziest Brennan has been since world peace

  • The worst part about about having Amy on the show is the pain I get from laughing too hard. She's a gem. Tao did a great job with the script as well.

  • Everyone's synchronised head turn to Amy when she first started breaking was amazing

  • They just keep putting Amy in these and giving her devastating bits, I assume, because her suffering is the most entertaining. Even her fellow anchors keep encouraging her to do "the face" which we have empirically proven- has the opposite of its intended effect. What a high scoring episode this was

  • Amy is too good at these. Honestly just change the rules whenever she's involved. There's no way anyone involved will be able to resist cracking with here there. I'd especially love to see her lead anchor with Katie next to her.

  • Disappointed that we didn’t get break counters suddenly appearing for everyone laughing offscreen

  • Come on Mike, you didn’t have to single Amy’s laugh box out because she returned the garlic she ordered while watching

  • Whenever she appears, she always loses, but everyone else's score goes to double digits, and I think that makes her the true winner.