Hardware Store CEO: We're Rebranding (For Some Reason)

Publicado el 11 may 2021
The owner - I mean, CEO - of Midland Park Hardware is here to disrupt...the nail industry?

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  • If you want to watch more Brennan in old man makeup talk more about being alienated by capitalism, we've got 15 minutes of bonus footage up on Dropout:

  • I could watch Brennan being stressed out in front of a camera for days

  • I know it's just Brennan in makeup, but I immediately want to protect this Grandpa and his friend Ted, and I want to go to their hardware stores they seem nice

  • I kind of love how... gramps clearly isn't an idiot. He's out of touch with new tech, but it takes him all of one second to figure out how to swing "pop-up" into getting the store back.

  • "I hereby renounce capitalism in all it's forms and would like to request a membership in the communist party." That one had me dying.

  • This is the most realistic one of these y'all have ever done. Usually these exist in a fake world, where CEOs are normal people who are upset by their own dumb companies, but this one is just like real life lmao

  • Grandpa. " I feel like the world left me behind "

  • Brennan plays so many stressed CEO’s that he aged 70 years

  • Brennan’s comedic timing is absolutely impeccable. How he hasn’t gotten into Hollywood yet is beyond me.

  • “They’re gonna have 12 ladders at the end of the year, Lucas”

  • "I kind of said it like it was normal but it was crazy" 😂😂😂😂👌

  • "Nope, I'll just keep reading your copy, you're such a smart good boy" is such a grandparent thing to say, it's so sweet

  • "don't you want to crush the competition"? "who, Ted? No, he's a great guy and he runs a great hardware store.".

  • you can actually see the gears turning in his mind as he tricks lucas into inventing stores

  • "Who ted? I love ted! He runs a great hardware store" "GOD DAMMIT GRANDPA!!" 😂

  • Was it funny? Yes. Is it painfully accurate? Also yes. Have I decided whether to laugh or cry about how hard this video hits home? I have no idea yet.

  • Just rent the ladders and send nails monthly! Solves everything!

  • I love all of Brennan’s work. He is fantastic! But I wanna give special praise to “Lucas”. He NAILED the idealistic but irritating MBA spouting all kinds of buzzwords and nonsensical ideas.

  • “Don’t you wanna crush ‘Street Lake Hardware’ into the DIRT?”

  • "Stop tricking me into inventing stuff that already exists!"