Hot Dogs Are Made From People (But Still Tasty) | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 7 dic 2021
Kellen and Zac report on the truth behind hot dogs. Tao warns of a product recall on dildos.

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  • PS - True Facts About Grant O'Brien Part 2 is coming to Dropout this Friday

  • I like this Kellen guy. Calls Katie a soulless worm when she yoinks his line and just breaks down when it gets stolen again.

  • Can we please get an episode where the writer explicitly tries to make Katie laugh?

  • "A potential vagina" is a great Tao quote xD, and Katie only being able to improvise extremely normal things is the most paradoxically hilarious thing I've ever experienced.

  • One of WORST drinking games: Take a shot when Katie “laughs” in all of the episodes (hint, it’s only one… I think)

  • Seeing Katie smile in the first few sec felt like it's a clickbait.

  • Glad to see the AI robot that replaced Katie at birth is doing well and hasn't broken down yet.

  • Honestly, I want an episode where we have Katie and Amy in the same episode. That would be like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

  • I don't think the writers are trying hard enough to make Katie laugh.

  • They should make Katie one of the main anchors so that there's more chance of her laughing

  • I feel like this is the first ep where the crew's laughter is just as audible as the casts when they break.

  • Haven’t watched college humor in a long time but glad to see you guys are still funny asl

  • The fact that Katie improved all of that without breaking Is insane

  • Mildly disappointed that after “buy a house” and “buy furniture for that house”, Katie didn’t continue listing off the things mentioned in “If I Had A Million Dollars”

  • "That's MY line, you soulless worm." That one killed me

  • And Katie

  • Katie has the best timing and delivery. She’s great

  • Can't believe Katy wouldn't use her wall street fortune to find out who killed pat castles.

  • 6:32

  • Katie is always the monster of this game