If Character Stats Worked In Real Life (Troopers: Animated)

Publicado el 19 ene 2021
Larry and Rich try to minmax themselves, which goes about as well as you'd guess.

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  • +1 (310) 496-8371

  • “Why would you even be friends with me?”

  • This was suprisingly good. Props to the writers.

  • Okay, that was hilarious when he became awareness of his existence

  • I like that Rich is the “smartest” one

  • where tf are they pulling the money out of their ass to pay for this nice animation

  • The twist of having the ability to change their stats and then make them aware of their situation breaking the fourth wall is genius!

  • I thought the increased Awareness was going to lead to them to realizing Dreadlord Sinister was watching them.

  • I've got to get me one of those tablets. Some guy has been messing around with my stats for decades lol

  • Wait till they discover the skill tree.

  • College humor voice overs: covid safe and also College humor so yay

  • Man, that was pretty great! Imagine a series where a character can reallocate their stats at any time. It must have been done before, but I ain't seen it.

  • I like how even though all the odds are stacked against this channel, the quality content is still coming.


  • I love how they all have 1 Intelligence and 1 Awareness since they're Stormtroopers.

  • Now the question is, can they take stats from other people.

  • Is it just me, or has the writing quality been improving substantially as of late?

  • Didn't expect the twist of them having the ability to change their stats.

  • "We're animated characters in a series that's been rebooted already!?!?"

  • “We’re animated characters in a series that’s been rebooted already?”