If Google Was A Guy (Full Series)

Publicado el 25 nov 2019
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Every episode of your favorite web series, all in one video! Starring Brian Huskey, If Google Was A Guy answers the stupid questions we asked, still ask, and will always ask.

ALLY: agbeardsley
GRANT: grantob
KATIE: katiemarovitch
TAO: tyang209
TRAPP: mikewtrapp
RAPH: chestangraphael
REKHA: rekhalshankar
BRENNAN: brennanlm
RYAN: ryguyguyry
CAROLYN: jacuzzitubbs
SAM: samreich

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Comentarios: 35 418

  • This has more character development than most Netflix shows.

  • “How to tell if-“ “If pregnant?” “JENNIFER!” DIED LAUGHING 😂

  • My absolute favourite of this entire series is the grandfather googling "my grandson Nathan".

    • @heisenberg jr oh ok thanks i thought it was some kind of incestuous/paedophile joke that was brought up weirdly

    • @Wise it's wholesome

    • I don't think I got that one...

    • Imagine Google just one day says "No." to any search

    • Facts

  • “Tent” “Oh you’re doing a little camping?” “Tentacle hentai” “OH COME ON”

    • @Me you’re a weeblet

    • boku no----- pico

    • Well he's pitching a tent

    • Thanks we can hear

    • @Buddin I wouldn't keep me history clean since my parents or friends will notice something so i usually search some scientific stuff that i just search and keep searching to cover my tracks

  • I love how Google becomes more and more insane throughout each episode 😂

    • @Weird more specifically, to humans

    • You would be insane too if you had to deal with people.

  • I would love to see “If Bing was a Guy”. Just imagine a super nice guy giving you the most psychotic responses.

    • @Carter Gulyas why would he

    • @Kai Tatezawa no the person wants a whoel new series with bing instead of google

    • @Sam4gaming It's a "Friends" reference

    • Nah, he'd have one person come in and call Google for help.

    • @HeyBenjii Yeah, thats why the comment is asking for a series.

  • "Just because I have it doesn't mean it's true!!!" Yeah, been telling that for years

    • Ughhh ... *awkward*

  • Great story “Taxes have to pay why?” “Do dead people pay taxes?” “How make people think you die?” “Where to find life like bearded manikin”” Police: “Difference between dead body and a manikin?”

  • Google guy: My life sucks. Bing: At least you have a life... Incognito guy: My life sucks more. *Literally*

  • The implied story arc about the guy interested in crypto is so good. "Where to buy pet Russian dolphin" is just so absurd it gets me every time

  • All, jokes aside, this series is absolute gold.

  • "Safe search off" Will forever be one of my favorite ones

  • I love how absolutely no chemistry exists between the characters, it really helps drive home the premise of the sketch and it makes for absolute comedy!

    • That would make literally 0 sense as they are all random internet strangers

  • This is one of the most creative ideas ever. I can't stop watching it. What an entertaining series 👍

  • Girl: "Boston Bomber" Google: "It's real tragedy." Girl: "Cute one" Google: "OH F****ING SH*T"

  • If Google was a guy he'd probably be the most depressed guy in the world.

    • @Lili asked

    • @King Conn Google

    • What if they did a second series where Incognito was a guy?

    • “How to resign.” “I was I could.”

    • "You're not the only one cursed with knowledge" thanos to Google

  • I'm glad they threw in the barrel roll easter egg and the " " to get specific results bits. Those were awesome.

  • 6:10 I love how Mark McGrath is just so easygoing about making fun of himself.

  • this, the batman series, and the CEO series are some of the best series they've ever made. wished they continued them

  • I love that the tentacle guy looks like Jack black. And if it is, then I'll just feel stupid. And go back to what he was talking about.

  • I so wish they continued this series. I could watch about 100 of these sketches

  • This series is pure Gold ❤️❤️

  • "If googe was a guy" is made out of this guy, then he'll get a heart attack just in a week i think

  • nothing makes me laugh harder than colton dunn.

  • “How to hack Google” Google : Google wants to know your location.

  • I love how they correct what they're saying, so that Google can actually give them what they desire. 🤣🤣🤣

  • This one still makes me laugh even when I'm not drunk

  • 03:02 his smile was just cute, like my grandpa got alive. 04:06 and his temper is same too...

  • Dude.. that is one of the most hilarious videos ive ever seen 😂

  • The guy asking about how to fake his death to get out of paying taxes and then the cop asking how to tell the difference between a mannequin and a dead body is such a funny detail

    • I like how in these videos, sometimes a story gets told. Like the poor unfortunate that invested all his money into Bitcoin, or the other guy that invested in Dogecoin.

    • oh my god I just thought the joke was about an incompetent cop

    • Also I think it’s a Brooklyn 999 reference

    • @inrad idk I appreciated it, I didn't notice the joke till I saw their comment

    • @Ray because he just took the time to type out the entire joke

  • That guy who asked a bunch of random questions is literally me

  • Am i the only one who watches this video from time to time and i laugh everytime ? It never gets old 🤣

  • Boston bomber "It's a real tragedy" Cute one "oh fucking shit" Had me rolling lmao

  • Colton Dunn's natural curiosity is honestly inspiring.

  • "Don't speak in these weird haikus" That guy was actually googling the most efficiently out of any of them lol

    • @vamp🦇 INCH same length europe?

    • Jokes apart he's my favorite character, do you guys knows his name please?

    • Can you keep a duck?

    • Electric outlet looks surprised, why ?

    • Foot same length europe?

  • I didn't know who Shane Gillis was when I first saw this (dressed as the coach saying get off the highway) but Gilly and Keeves (his ESmain channel) has some hilarious sketches. Wish SNL kept him . His standup is pretty funny too

  • Word of advice, never search up what the kid asked for in the first episode

  • You guys know how to bring nostalgia, youtube binges, and views all together. I remember when your channel and I were actually in college

  • I could imagine Yahoo being a dead dude at a desk and former medals and awards in the background lmao

  • “Just because I have it, doesn’t mean It’s true!” Is my favorite line

  • "Baby powder made of babies" I lost it at this one 😂😂😂😂

  • “How do I get to the dark web” “follow me” my favourite lines

  • Imagine if the internet was just a big skyscraper and every website is stored there...

  • "The part that what is yolo is yolo a drug"got me laughing for days

  • I genuinely felt bad for the astronaut guy slowly lowering his standards with every search

    • I've done that search too, even though I don't even like to travel by aeroplane so I could never possibly enter a spaceship

    • same

    • To be honest to get a good job or a good life you need some insane fucking luck

    • @Tylersame dude, I want to become a famous dancer like Les Twins, Kevin Paradox, etc. But I don't think it will happen due to the fact that Dancers like them have been practising since they were children while me on the other hand is struggling with college. I was born in a poor country where opportunities are very low, while the dancers I idolize was born in privileged countries full of opportunities, etc.

    • @Tyler its all capitalism fault. The more of people like - the sooner system will fail. Let the world burn as our hearts burns.

  • Colton Dunn is the best questioner on this show XD

  • 4:47 even actually the funniest Scene. People Like her are the reason that Germany goes slowly into the fourth lockdown.

  • This is always hilarious whenever I watch it

  • I love that she uses the quotes modifier to find the one "climate change is not real" result

  • I love how he slowly loses his patience and faith in humanity.

    • We are all google in person form in our way. Especially this way.

    • Dont we all.?

    • Yea


    • @Benjamin LI I was just focusing on the girl that asked for Facebook several times dude, not saying the others that conducted different search

  • my guy that plays google took every single thing personally 😂

  • The NSA guy and other spy agencies are sitting right there and very welcome by google. Other than that, this is brilliant!

  • The guy who invested in bitcoin's story slowly stretching out through the 4 episodes. . . absolute genius.

  • If this were more accurate it would include Google taking a few sheets of personal information from everyone who walks in. At the end, he sells it all to guys in suits. In other news, can we get "If ESmain was a guy?"

  • Now I feel bad for asking google so many stupid questions

    • yeah same

    • I feel bad for searching sooooooooooo much po- I MEAN POKEMON PICTURES

    • man me too... I feel like I should ask google something more mature to make him happy :D like what is a perfectionist? what is OCD history of Spain and stuff like that

    • Me too

    • Yeah

  • sometimes I'm "HEGHOG CUTE" and other times I'm "hot hands and feet"

  • I've watched this too many times it is never not funny 💀

  • "Tent" "Oh your doing a littlr camping hu-" "Tentical hentai" "OH COME ON!! "

  • The most funny part is "Search avoid being bullied for wearing Google glass" 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m sad there wasn’t an episode where google is closed and everyone is entertained by him playing with a stuffed dinosaur

  • I need more. I could really use more! What a riot!

  • I'm crying. This is so brilliant and on point. :D

  • I got stomach cramps laughing at 2:03 😂😂😂😂

  • I need more of this honestly

  • The woman impersonating Siri actually looks like what I imagined Siri would look like and I don’t know how to feel about it.

  • 3:44 That was honestly pure Michael Scott energy…

  • Superbly written, and well acted by the google guy!

  • I love how everyone just hates Siri

  • it's been two years, & it's only gotten funnier!!! XD

  • They should have made one guy come into bing and ask for Google.

  • I love the on-going tax evasion plot line lol bit coin then taxes then police

  • 0:29 is hilarious to me.the way he just leaves is so funny

  • The guy at the beginning that asks if owls can walk actually plays in a famous comedy called “superstore” and he plays the role of “Garret” Edit: I’m also pretty sure that the girl that says climate change is not real plays the role of “Carol” in superstore

    • @l-em-on Holy forking shirtballs!

    • She doesn't but she does play Janet in The Good Place

  • In the time they were waiting in line for google couldn’t they have just googled up the answers for their questions?

  • This is the most genius thing I've ever seen in my whole entire life.

  • I can't stop laugh watching this

  • CH: Is Sugar Ray ironically cool yet? Comments: "Biggest sexist women in all of Iraq" got me Sugar Ray: ......

  • If I'm being honest if this was my job I would probably quit if I was Google


    • That has me in stitches every time!!

    • @Mr Nobody biggest face palm I ever had

    • @Punkymonplushstudios i guess "it's"

    • 4:47 for the whole conversation

    • Karens:Im gonna pretend i didn't hear that

  • Lets talk about how a story was literally just playing itself out... A man tried getting out of taxes by replacing himself with a mannequin, and then police asked how to ask the difference of a mannequin-

  • if its real, he will be the smartest guy ever

  • "It's not me! It's them!" Favorite line.

  • Funniest Part in the Video: 3:43 I laughed so hard XD

  • "I need to go incognito" *Google puts on a black trench coat fedora and sunglasses*

    • The engine doesn't go incognito, just the browser.

    • And then reveals his more depressed side, through all of the terrible things they've seen

    • And all the windows get shut down with metallic plates

    • They should have had that

    • 5:15

  • I like how he slowly loses it person after person

  • NSA guy needs his own episode.

  • Clear history one killed me 😂

  • 0:20 accurate representation of my childhood

  • The amount of actors they got for this series is really cool

    • @The ultra i love that show

    • Ya they even got Janet from the good place

  • 3:24 My favorite part Probably because its the only good person in the film and plus her smile is so loving

  • 8:32 idk why but this is my favorite 🤣🤣🤣👌🏻

  • This needs more episodes!

  • 0:28 and thus, little timmy decided to never search on google pictures again


  • Watching this is a yearly tradition for me

  • “I finally lost my virginity” Everyone else at the funeral: 6:06

  • imagine that guy put all his savings in dogacoin in 2019, he would be fckn rich now

  • 9:56 My mom after watching the good place: “Hey [insert my name here:] its the robot girl gena!!!” Me: “Mom, its Janet……” My mom: “ yes yes same thing”

  • "Just because I have it _doesn't mean it's true!"_ Truer words have never been spoken.

    • @CuppaCofi Eh. as someone with autism I both agree that there are much worse things... But at the same time having autism can make life far more difficult than you might think. (plus it's often a kind of problem people are not very sympathetic towards, and thus people expect you to just... Stop it, as if it's something you can turn on and off on command). There's also a big gap between low functioning and high functioning... Best way I have to describe 'high functioning' is I can make myself seem 'normal' for short periods of time but the mental workload of doing so will mean I am mentally and physically exhausted for hours or days afterwards. That and everyday things often feel too 'loud', which is very stressful too. A crowded room is torture. 20 conversations going on at once and I can't filter any of them out to focus on what I'm supposed to. I might be able to tell you what people across the room were discussing but not be able to repeat what someone said to me... Anyway, whatever. Autism looks different from the inside. Kinda the opposite of what people attribute to it a lot of the time. Basically living in a constant state of information overload.

    • Quitrap I completely agree. life is full of risks. you could develop cancer at any point, because there's a chance. why would you rather your child to die of a disease that could've been prevented with a vaccine rather than having the smallest odds possible to get autism? and anyways, a lot of autism can be non harmful and just affect the way your brain processes situations. sure it's a disability but on the scale of things it really isn't the worst thing that could happen to your child. they could be stillborn, have weak vital organs, have skin conditions, like butterfly skin, have frail bones, be albino (meaning they would live a shorter life), be conjoined twins in constant pain or an array of things MUCH more severe than autism. just consider the fact that you're much more likely to catch a deadly disease unvaccinated and have your child suffer/die than have autism, which isn't even guaranteed to make your child hyper agressive or any of the stereotypes of severe autism, which they likely wouldn't develop either

    • @Laura Rominger tell me idiot, would you rather your kid have a 0.0001% chance do be autistic (wich is not realated to vaccines but lets just roll with it )or would you rather your kid die in the age of 5?

    • Rail please research project Veritas whistleblower google. What you stated is unfortunately not true.

    • Sarah Tilgner I know. It’s comedy and it was funny. There’s just so much misinformation out there. Shouldn’t have ruined your skit! Haha

  • I swear out of all of the videos the third one is the best one. 🤣