If Google Was A Guy (Part 3)

Publicado el 11 jul 2014
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Google is back again for round 3! Scouring the deepest holes of the internet to answer your searches... mostly about porn.

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Google - Brian Huskey
Siri - Alison Becker
Opinionated Woman - Fran Gillespie
Horny Guy - Eliot Schwartz
Self - Mark McGrath
Curious Man - Colton Dunn
Boy - Ryan Bermont
Self - George Basil
Woman - Roxana Ortega
Shady Guy - Barak Hardly
Old Man - Bob Evans
Regular Guy - Jake Hurwitz
Confused Cop - Leonard Robinson
Concerned Mom - Rebecca Kufeldt

Director - Tim Wilkerson
Writer - Streeter Seidell
Producer - Mike McGarry
Cinematography - Matt Garrett
Editor - James Fitzpatrick
President of Original Content - Sam Reich
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer - Spencer Griffin
Director of Production - Sam Sparks
Director of Post Production - Michael Schaubach
Production Manager - Sam Kirkpatrick
Assistant Production Manager - Sam Kirkpatrick
Casting Director - Chrissy Fiorilli-Ellington
Art Director - Nick Reinhard
Hair and Makeup - April Fiske
Hair and Makeup Assistant - Arlene Martinez
Script Supervisor - Jillian Terwedo
Production Coordinator - Will Kreisberg
1st Assistant Director - Steve Predisik
Sound Mixer - Tim O'Malley
Visual Effects - Gloo Studios
Wardrobe - Laura Ortiz
1st Assistant Camera - Cate Smierciak
Post Production Supervisor - Evan Watkins
2nd AC/DIT - Jen O'Leary
Post Production Coordinator - Andrew Mallonee
Gaffer - Cody Banks
Key Grip - Adam Goral
Swing - Matt Susterich
Head Assistant Editor - Phil Fox
Animal Wrangler - Sara Reihani
Production Legal - Karen Segall
Production Accountant - Christine Rodriguez
Production Assistant - Jonathan Brock
Baldev Sandhu
Intern - Austin Lepri
Sound Assistant - Yancey Franco
Motion Graphics - Bill Bergen
Key Production Assistant - James McGarry

Comentarios: 16 186

  • GUY:

  • guy: “pay taxes why”

  • I love how Siri came in this.

  • “Sonic the hedgehog pics”

  • I love how Google grows increasingly unstable and bitter with every episode LMAO

  • "Big booty Puerto Rican Goddess" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • just because i have it doesn't mean it's true

  • So none is gonna talk about the hidden small plot about the tax payer worried guy? He asks why to pay tax, then asks do dead pay, then he gets an idea of faking his death by searching for real life bearded mannequin and then the cop comes searching for him by asking the difference between mannequin & human!! Pure Genius College Humor!

  • this is brilliant. especially when Google Guy took out a lamp to go to the deep web. 😂

  • “Just because I have it, doesn’t mean it’s TRUE!”

  • " How to get to the Deep Web ?" Is the funniest bit. Him grabbing the Lantern with the lights flickering is the best.

  • "biggest sexiest women in all of Iraq"

  • "Is YOLO a drug?" I swear to God, she's the same person who voiced Sadness in Inside Out.

  • "Taxes have to pay why?"

  • I love how the whole sidestory with that one guy

  • That Deep Web scene is hilarious 😂 😂

  • I love how we can see his gradual decline into insanity in this series.

  • They saw vaccine memes 5 years prior

  • "it's not me,it's them"