If Google Was a Guy: Quarantine Edition (Part 3)

Publicado el 30 dic 2020
2020 was the year we were searching for a little hope.
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Comentarios: 2 288

  • the young girl asking about covid's effect on santa was simultaneously adorable and terrifying

  • I'd say this video is the perfect way to end the new year for college humor

  • "Well, aren't you adorable"

  • I hope every "green shirt woman" here is doing a little bit better today

  • The tin-foil hat moments were legendary

  • I hope that once Quarantine is done, we can have these “if google was a guy” return to live action again.

  • "Mayans... Dyslexia?"

  • I feel bad for the girl in green. She needs a hug. We all probably do.

  • It’s astounding that y’all did 3 of these, because May-Pandemic, August-Pandemic and December-Pandemic all have VERY different vibes that you captured perfectly

  • "Last year's new year resolutions"

  • Gag I'd love to see:

  • “Dentistry tutorial ESmain”

  • "Myans dyslexia "

  • This is my favorite animated series 😂

  • Mayans dyslexia was the best part of this whole thing... if that’s true... things are about to become a lot worse

  • “Mayans... dyslexia?” That was the perfect way to end this one!

  • that poor woman and her beautiful 2019 resolutions... and now you bring up mayan's dyslexia... Dammit

  • LMAO. I wasn’t expecting a Dr Fauci fan cam, but I’m not complaining

  • 2020 survivors: well, at least it can't get worse.

  • The little girl concerned about Santa is so sweet and smart, having such a girl as a daughter must be a joy :-)