If Google Was A Guy

Publicado el 20 ene 2014

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Everything you ask Google sounds a lot more stupid when you actually ask Google.

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Comentarios: 15 718

  • "Bitcoin market value" hits different now lol

  • it’s scary to think that those desk cabinets are an endless void of nothing but information

  • When collegehumor was still decent and funny

  • “If Google was a guy”

  • The Bitcoin bits are just freaky now lol

  • Honestly the guy looks like google.

  • They left out the the part where he’s secretly stealing every piece of info about them.

  • LOL! Really funny video! It's so true though, it sounds a lot more stupid when said out loud. Great choice in actors. They were all hilarious! Their work really enhanced the scene!

  • I would definitely feel sympathy for this man.


  • 2019 still funny and relatable. Epic video.

  • "Hey, I'm not a dictionary."

  • Poor Google, I feel so bad for him :(

  • Man, it's so great to go through these again, I loved this series.

  • Gotta be the official zeitgeist of mid 2010s by now!!! Their searches, clothing, characters. Amazing.

  • You forgot this:

  • I love this sketch so much that kept watching it over and over again. Very funny and interesting.

  • Imagine if Bing was a guy too . Its funny How everyone will go to bing to ask for google. 😂

  • Me: “Search history”

  • I wish you guys would do more of these, even though I've seen them so many times. I still laugh at all of them.