If I Had the Money That Bezos Had

Publicado el 8 dic 2020
A song about putting Jeff Bezos' $200 billion fortune into context.

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  • "And then add another, 10 more stacks!"

  • The moon graphic doesn't convey how insane that is.

  • All jokes aside, this is actually really catchy.


  • "And I can earn more in an hour than most you make in your life"

  • As someone in tallahassee, I'm all for this

  • Fun fact: You're closer to being a millionaire than Bezos is (assuming you have less than 100.000000001 billion dollars)

  • Kind of random, but I'd love to see credits on CH videos. Like: who wrote the lyrics, who did the singing, the music, the art, the editing ect. :)

  • Now that Elon Musk surpassed Bezos' net worth, I would love to see Musk's version.

  • You had no right to be this catchy. It's bad enough having an earworm, but now I have an earworm that constantly reminds me how poor I am.

  • meanwhile bezos: "if i donate millions of dollars to another company of mine, i could evade taxes and still have my money LMAO"

  • wow this just made me even more depressed

  • The fact that Jeff Bezos has actually said

  • someone's probably already said this, but i really like the ending - after an entire 3 and a half minutes of showing all the good one could do with that much money, it ends on the line "think of all the things I could do" with Bezos's imagination filled with none of that. it's all buying planets, building spaceships and statues. not of doing good in the world. it's a nice touch

  • watching this after Bezos got back from his space trip really rubs it all in doesn't it

  • Americans take not using the metric system way too seriously

  • Bezos could give everyone on earth $20 and still be a billionaire

  • Weirdly enough, this kind of sounds like the song from Dumb ways to die, only with a lot more money, and less death.

  • As a former amazon employee, the pee break hit home. Lmao.

  • All I got from this: Bezos is a dragon in human form.