Inspector Gadget's Death Sparks Oscar Buzz | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 9 nov 2021
Jeffrey Self and Grant question the wetness of your shower and the necessity of Lutherans.

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  • Ah man Katie is unbeatable, absolutely stone faced and unstoppable.

  • Is no one talking about the fact that Katie is clearly trying to learn the "I wanna buy drugs" handshake?

  • They need a whole episode of just trying to get Katie to break because I'm dying to know what makes her laugh!

  • I think I understood Katie's trick: She does her best not to listen what is being said and only reads out the words without thinking about their content, just going one word at a time.

  • Everyone saying Katie's dead inside, but I think she's just got max points in self control. She laughs and smiles in normal conversations! I swear!

  • No one's talking about how perfectly timed the buzzer noise for smiling is to Lily saying "take it back now y'all!" at

  • Omg someone laughed more than Grant and it wasn't Amy having a meltdown..

  • Every episode of this that has Katie should also have Brennan on it. He's the only one that can truly compete with Katie!

  • Has Katie EVER broken? Legit question? If there are episodes dedicated to "breaking" specific cast members, can one be about Katie? Please? I want to see them TRY to break Katie.

  • My captions are for a DIFFERENT No Laugh Newsroom and are absolutely wild to read simultaneously.

  • You're telling me that grant doesn't lose every time?

  • I aspire to have Katie's self control. "Hands on your teeth" broke me.

  • Katie hopping completely emotionless, like she's just been asked to do something by someone she doesn't really care about at

  • I love that these come out far enough apart from the original release on Dropout that I’ve forgotten 80% of the punchlines, and get to enjoy them again!

  • It's like they're all coal miners, but Katie's the only one with a real pickaxe and the rest are using ones made out of papier mache.

  • The dynamic between stone cold Katie and way-too-proud about his sex undertones Grant is the best dynamic

  • Katie is just unbeatable. Honestly, it’s unfair to everyone else that has to compete against her 😂

  • I think Katie has seen some really dark stuff in her life and now nothing will make her laugh if she doesn't deem it necessary. She is magnificent at this game.

  • Fun fact: In Inpsector Gadget (1983-1986) Dr. Claw's face was never shown throughout the entire run of the show, though his cartoon face was finally revealed via his action figure release.

  • Katie is undefeated. The day someone makes her even crack a smirk will go down in history.