Millennials Are Ruining Our Trash | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 4 ene 2022
Lily and Mano reveal that brains don't do anything. Carolyn lists off everything millennials have ever ruined.

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Comentarios: 494

  • Katie's laugh is a weapon of mass destruction, that's why she contains herself, she cares about us.

  • Did Carolyn know that she was not meant to laugh or smile? She just seemed like she was chillin, having a blast like an audience member

  • “He said he won’t stop until he’s kicked everyone’s ass.”

  • My favorite part is when during Katies improv it sounds like Grant is the one just laughing his ass off, off screen. Just living his best life, losing the challenge, even when he's not playing.

  • This was a rollercoaster. I thought Lily would match Katie until she broke, then I somehow expected Katie to break near the end, too. Wild stuff, man.

  • "Someone had an avocado allergy and he knew it" took me out 😂

  • I think the secret to Katie not laughing is that she cuts herself off from cocaine until the sketch is over. Withdrawal takes care of the rest.

  • Katie has always been my favorite CH staff. She gives off such a great energy others don’t and it’s so refreshing. Never stop Katie.

  • Katie has some serious talent, how can you read/hear all this and not even smile once? :D

  • I need a marathon No Laugh Newsroom with Katie, Lily and Brennan that only ends once one of them breaks 10 points.

  • So proud of Chuck for maintaining her journalistic integrity and not just making up all those deaths. Respecting those innocents brutally murdered by evil Jackie is only right!

  • As a millennial I can confirm: I throw garbage away in a can device of sorts and I talk smack on yo-yo’s far too often.

  • Katie must never leave this show. This is by far the best challenge series in history, everyone trying to beat katie.

  • I was watching this thinking, man this Lily person is good. Then Katie started 😂

  • I love how lily tried to keep up with katie till

  • I like how in the sizzle reel they play when they are introducing the game, they show Katie 'laughing' as a way to demonstrate that she couldn't possible be a homicidal robot in white woman camouflage.

  • can you guys write a script specifically tailored to make katie laugh by using things you know she finds funny, even inside jokes?

  • Katie is G.O.A.T. at this.

  • Katie mastered the skill to laugh inside. All those tiny spasms and when her voice "vibrates" is her laughing inside. You have to train yourself to not move your laughing muscles, which have those weird side effects. But have the reward to really irritate people when you just don't laugh with anything.

  • Does anyone else think Carolyn looks like a really great person? She has such kindness in her eyes