Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

Publicado el 7 oct 2012
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Heyyy wealthy ladies!

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  • Watches in 2012 “ah shit, I hope he doesn’t win, he’ll destroy the country!”

  • This should be archived so future generations can suffer as well.

  • It's almost laughable seeing how Romeny was ever viewed as a threat considering the current circumstances

  • People 2012: "This election is stupid"

  • This was the best thing to come out of his 2012 election campaign. Still makes me laugh to this day !

  • When you vote to remove your own party's president like an absolute madlad.

  • Mitt Romney in 2012: Im rich

  • Still an epic well done parody.

  • Still an epic well done parody.

  • Why am I watching a 2012 political parody of a viral trendy song at the time in 2020?

  • "You should elect me 'cause I have so much money." A joke in 2012, now is the basis of one candidate's entire campaign.

  • 2012: Mitt Romney style!

  • Me watching this video in 2012:

  • 2012 America: “Just because you’re a wealthy businessman doesn’t mean you can be president”

  • For the entirety of 2012-2014 this was my ringtone.... yaaa ;D

  • When you become a Republican governor from Massachusetts loose a presidential election and become a senator from Utah.

  • 3 years later and I still cant get over this song

  • Watching in 2020...

  • 2012: Mitt Romney having lots of money is a popular joke.

  • Honestly if he used this song during his campaign I would have voted for him.