Moose Running Loose Through the Mall of America

Publicado el 26 oct 2021
Grant and David Kerns report that only three raisins a day are enough to make you gross.

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Comentarios: 545

  • I'm convinced kaitie isn't real, she's just very well executed CGI

  • New rule: Katie is allowed to keep playing these despite her insane abilities, but she has to make Amy's "anti-laughing" face while she does it as a handicap

  • Zac, getting called into HR for making his coworkers dox themselves for comedy: Worth it

  • can we just acknowledge how everyone nailed that pause? none of them broke at all during that, and grant even went so far as to keep his face the same for the entire moment

  • Katie's "wonderful" wasn't even in the script and that makes me so happy. Her comedic is so different from the rest. Being a coworker with her must be unpredictable. This group will always make make smile, Thank you.

  • I am convinced Katie has a dedicated mental space for this, one were she has completely embraced the idea of an absolutely horrific and bleak apocalypse in all it's mind numbing detail.

  • I'm convinced Katie goes into a trance during these, whereby she reads and speaks, but comprehends not a single word for the duration of the shoot.

  • Katie saying "wonderful" after David said is phone number was f**king terrifying.

  • So Katie, Brennan, and Grant are just on this show's speed dial at this point.

  • I wouldn't even be afraid of laughing if Grant was on set, he's going to lose, they could've just written it in the script.

  • Katie was born for dark awkward comedy like this. She's so good at it.

  • Ok, someone needs to write an episode specifically designed to break Katie.

  • Katie's face says: "Serious Business."

  • 2:45

  • Grant just pretty much lost immediately lol.

  • How about a Challenge; Every one reads it like Katie does, except Katie who actually has to do an emotion.

  • Katie keeps with her winning technique of picturing war horrors while reading

  • Katie kills it once again, and Grant fails in a painful and spectacular manner.

  • As a Minnesotan, it's unrealistic to have a moose in the Mall of America. Not a single living thing north of Hinkley cares to deal with the traffic down there 😂

  • I can't believe Katie said all that with a straight face.. her section was the only part that I laughed at hard....