One in Four Americans Attracted to Their Sexy Cars | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 10 ago 2021
Brennan & Tao share auto-erotic tips from the Carfax fox and realize everyone has a cousin Ray.

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Comentarios: 613

  • We could’ve cured hangovers by now if everytime Katie laughed they took a shot

  • If Katie laughs once she should lose, she's too psycho and emotionless for this gig from all that coke

  • Katie's mind: I am a fortress of iron will, I shall not succumb to my desires. My body is mine and it may not laugh if I don't will it so.

  • Katie's not only amazing at not breaking, but she's hilarious as well.

  • Most people eat breakfast, do yoga, or have some coffee every morning before they start their day.

  • You know Brennan’s struggling not to laugh when his eyes go completely dead

  • I can't believe Katie sang all this without breaking.

  • When they showed that Katie laughed 3 times in the intro, I was like, "this is gonna be good." That said, I'm not even surprised that she didn't even smirk and that the intro was just a lie. That woman is a glacier!

  • it's not even fair for katie and grant to be against each other anymore, she's always been good at staying straight, and grant, well... we all know grant can't stay straight.

  • Katie needs a show on Netflix. She is an entire genre on her own.

  • Tao:

  • Grant still has the bravery to come back after true facts about Grant. Respect.

  • ah it’s been a while since I’ve seen college humor. The nostalgia.

  • They could have had one of the "best" scores, but scatman pushed everyone else over a cliff. ;)

  • Brenna's face at

  • i don’t think Katie is humourless because she’s cracked before and in random clips from unscripted stuff she laughs a lot she just seems to have this uncanny ability to turn off emotion it’s wild

  • Katie is definitely the mvp of NLN. I wonder if Brennan is frustrated that he can’t beat her, or just do damn impressed that he doesn’t care.

  • Riding a Nissan: 😐

  • They really need to put Amy Vorpal up against Katie, I bet she cracks then

  • Somewhere under that cold, dead, then undead, the redead exterior, Katie's got an actually smooth singing voice! 😂