Oreo CEO: Stop Making New Oreos

Publicado el 13 abr 2021
The perfect cookie exists, we can stop now. To see almost 20 minutes of bonus footage of Brennan reacting to Oreo varietals, go to signup.dropout.tv

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  • Want 20 minutes of Brennan in character reacting to Oreo varietals? Dropout's got you covered:

  • The CEO Series never dissapoints, Brennan is a Brilliant actor.

  • I love that the CEO cares enough to remember Craig in Accounting's birthday

  • Bereavement Oreos should be called “Soreo for your loss”.

  • "It has the consistency of a milkshake, this cookie?"

  • “You have a poison in your mind, and the fact that you can’t see it makes me SO sad.” HONESTLY THIS LINE IS RAW

  • "A lot of people have worked really hard."

  • It’s so weird seeing Brennan playing a CEO that wasn’t viscerally losing his shits and is just moderately upset

  • I actually knew one of the engineers at Mondelez who ran one of the Oreos production lines. He kept coming to boardgame night and bringing all of Oreos you never saw in stores because they were just too flippin' weird.

  • "We work really hard."

  • For those of you wondering which of these featured oreos are real or made up, I have done the research below. ✅ Means it exists, ❌ Means it was made up for this video.

  • I just showed this video to my mom and she’s now looking and reading through the list of all of the flavors that Oreo has made and… it’s terrifying how many of the flavors in the sketch are real flavors… and how much effort they had to put into the fake flavors to make it CLEAR that it’s FAKE.

  • "We done did the good cookie, that everybody like, and now WE GET TO GO HOME"

  • When Brennan says “hey gang” it makes me feel safe

  • "You need to be able to explain the difference between Strawberry Milkshake Oreos and Strawberry Oreos or I am going to burn the building down..."

  • I'm just impressed they managed to keep the Dodecatuple Stuf Oreos to 70 calories a piece. What a great diet snack.

  • Nothing is funnier than the sheer and utter frustration in all of Brennan's CEO characters. They may not have woken up choosing violence, but the day is young.

  • "You are a babbling fool, and we have built a temple to madness." The title of my favorite Political Science textbook.

  • I don't laugh often, like, I'm totally dead inside, but at "and Alexander wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer." I cackled like a mad woman for far too long.

  • Carl actually seems like a decent guy. He genuinely cares about his employees and doesn't want them to work themselves to death.