Photoshop Has Gone Too Far

Publicado el 10 mar 2014

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Maybe if we open our eyes to the truth about photoshop, we can photoshop ourselves a new .

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Comentarios: 28 718

  • Someone actually took the time to make a model into pizza, that is either very sad or very beautiful..

  • It is sad that the beauty industry wants all pizzas to look like people.

  • Proof that people look more beautiful without photoshop

  • Stop sexualizing pizzas. They have rights too

  • I feel sorry for the girl whose photo they used. Everyone thinks she's a pizza now.

  • She protecc

  • When life gives you pizza, turn it into women

  • Wow... this made me cry. It's hearthbreaking to see what the beauty industry does to this poor pizza.

  • This really opened my eyes it’s so touching it’s true photoshop has gone too far making pizza look like people

  • Took me like 6 years to figure out this wasnt real lmao

  • Seriously! I’ve lost so much respect for people like this. WHY CANT THEY JUST LEAVE PIZZA ALONE???

  • “They had us in the first half, not gonna lie”

  • Well if you ask me, she looked better Before. I don't see why they had to photoshop her.

  • This is modern day art. Whoever did this, he is a pure genius.

  • I remember my English teacher showing me and my classmates this to teach us a lesson that "everything can be made beautiful with a little bit of tlc"

  • Damn that girl looks like a snack before and after the video

  • Imagine everyone is actually pizza and God just gave photoshopping lenses or “eyes” which makes everyone look “human”

  • People who think they photoshopped a pizza into a woman:

  • I was starting to think she had a skin disease

  • Plot twist: