Predator's Teenage Son

Publicado el 2 sep 2010
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It's not easy being a dad. A human hunting, flesh eating, dad.

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  • "My father was a hunter, his father was a hunter, everyone in our planet is a hunter!" That a great point

  • The fact that the dude knows how to understand the predators kinda concerns me for some reason

  • It killed me when the son said “Im a vegetarian” and dad was like “that doesnt even-“ 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • "My father was a hunter, his father was a hunter, everyone in our planet is a hunter!"

  • I did not see that ending coming. That was hilarious.

  • "Are you proud of me dad?"

  • "Its not sad,its a dumb animal!"

  • I remember seeing this as a child and I've finally found it again at it's fame.

  • The reason the predators and aliens are fighting cuz he stole he's son's moment.😂

  • Don't cloak on me, young man!

  • "My father was a hunter.His father was a hunter.Everyone on our planet is a hunter." XD that part made me laugh and it is actually true all the men on that planet are hunters

  • 0:05

  • My father was a hunter and his father was a hunter every single person on our planet is a hunter

  • That kid shouldn’t waste his time on crappy pop. He should be a death metal vocalist!

  • the sons music was better than anything today

  • The son grew up to be a heavy metal singer. He was just born with that voice.

  • I think the real message that everone is overlooking is that once the dad accepted the kids dream and agreed to love him unconditionally, the kid became willing to kill like his dad had been asking him to do all along.

  • Love the Alien kid, even if it makes alot less cense than the predator joke. "Did i make you proud DAD"

  • "Look he's escaping". Legs broken

  • "It's not sad! It's a dumb animal." Best justification ever...