Sex with The Hulk

Publicado el 7 jun 2012
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25 Things You Say During Sex -

For Bruce Banner, there's no such thing as safe sex.

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  • "That's the smallest I've ever seen"

  • That CGI is better than the 2003 Hulk

  • imagine if this was a trailer for a documentary about domestic violence... it would explain Hulk's anger issues

  • Well the phrase "Hulk smash" is now ruined forever

  • “Hey, I made that in pottery class.” I love how upset he gets over the ceramics.

  • Is it just me or when someone says "Hawkeye" it sounds like "hot guy"

  • "You exposed yourself to gamma radiation I mean who does that?" XD

  • I think that Betty made somewhat of a good choice deciding not to have sex because Bruce as the Hulk woulda given her radiation poisoning. We all know that's worse than an STD.

  • It makes sense. The only part of his clothes doesn't get destroyed are his pants.

  • Funny thing, Bruce cant have sex, because his heart starts beating too fast and he turns into a Hulk.

  • It's funny how Bruce's inability to Hulk Out is an analogy for erectile dysfunction.

  • So every actor in College Humor kissed this girl?

  • "you're a big guy"

  • “What if every time I got angry I got this huge awesome pair of boobs” best quote ever!

  • "Hey! I made that in pottery class!" lol that gets me every time.

  • What has 240 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk?

  • As with all the Hulk body parts, the madder he gets the bigger he gets.

  • Wait she tells the hulk that's the smallest she ever seen. Shouldn't that piss him off and possibly kill her?

  • Sorry to nerd out here but by marvel standard the hulk is a 9 foot tall giant with arms that could crush tanks like meat foil and legs that can cause shockwaves not only would the junk tare her in half from the sheer size alone she would have a heart attack from one thrust

  • I think it's so cute and adorable that he tried to make her wish come true by painting his body by himself lol