ShamWow Guy in Jail

Publicado el 22 jun 2009
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  • "Add an egg, ham, a pickle, three stabs, breakfast. I'm kidding."

  • "Hooters, cooters, tutors, computers"

  • Just now finding out that the whole joke about a hooker biting his tongue is TRUE. THE SHAMWOW GUY WAS REALLY IN JAIL FOR ASSAULT AND BATTERY.

  • “A hooker tried to bite your tongue?!?” Is my favorite line in the whole vid

  • I still think the best part of this is the guy nodding after “and this guy’s a hippo”. He’s just like, “Yeah I see it.”

  • Considering its the Silicon Valley guy, this shit is gold!

  • "Stop having a boring life"

  • I miss the old collegehumor- this is by far one of their best. This, Grammar Nazi, Sexually Confused Ninja and any POV are by far the best they’ve ever done.

  • I love that the reason hes in jail in the skit is actually why he went to jail 😂

  • "No mature content"

  • After Pied Piper failed, Richard didn't actually travel but went to prison.

  • 'stop having a boring knife, stop having a boring life."

  • Leave it to CollegeHumor to make a skit that's still funny 12 years later.

  • “Hooters,cooters,tutors,computers!” “Computers?” I like how he only questions computers instead of tutor XD

  • I didn’t even realize this was Tom Middleditch until watching this for the 50th time

  • This sketch is actually so funny, it still holds up

  • This guy is so hilarious. He just stabbed a guy and threw pickles and eggs and ham on his corpse.

  • This actor very accurately gives off the same energy as Vince and that's awesome

  • Drugs, porn mags, stabbings, and College humor's like "no mature content"

  • The best part is this guy is selling shamwow face masks now. He's the living meme that refuses to die.