Sober Sex

Publicado el 24 ago 2012

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25 Things You Say During Sex -

It'll be a night to actually remember.

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  • I never have sober sex.

  • Man, I can't believe not being able to have sex sober is a thing

  • Why do a lot of college Humour videos have a randomly large amount of dislikes? I don't see what could be distasteful about this Hahaha I thought it was hilarious.

  • Alcohol restricts blood vessels. Let that sink in...

  • "I'll poop in your apartment without rushing to make you think i'm peeing", lol, the best line

  • sober sex is by FAR the best sex... no argument.

  • Sober sex isn't difficult, having sex with all the light on and no closing eyes... different story.

  • I've never actually been in a relationship before and I feel that it's fine. I think many people in society will actually respect you more if you wait for the right guy/girl and not just jump into a relationship just because it's "cool"

  • Some people are terrified of intimacy and being vulnerable so getting a little fucked up is how they overcome that hurdle and build connections with people. I dont understand how so many people dont get the joke.

  • I just had sober sex, and it wasn't that bad. A woman didn't throw up all over me! ... YES! BEST JOKE EVER! God, I totally nailed that... you're welcome world.

  • I love how college humor makes their vids look so legit

  • "Actually...we're fucking sober tonight" "Very nice."

  • Having sober sex is a hell of a lot better than the girl finding you're to drunk to get it up..

  • "I'm gonna go smoke a joint in the bathroom." Thank you for making my day, College Humor.

  • Honestly, I've had sex on acid, ecstasy, pot, drunk and sober. Weed didn't do much for feeling, and honestly I'd rather sleep on it. Acid didn't do anything for me. I was hard I guess but I couldn't feel it at all. Drunk sex is probably my favorite if I'm intoxicated in any way. Sober sex is great too though, because all sense of feeling is present, no numbness. Ecstasy didn't really feel any more different than drunk sex does in my opinion. Best sex I've had was sober though honestly. You shouldn't need a substance for a good time.

  • what's the point in sex if you don't remember the next day?

  • Sober sex: "OMG look at the pores on that nose" Drunk sex: texting your friend next morning and asking how did this person end up in your bed.

  • sober sex is actually kinda weird though, unless its with long term gf/bf

  • You can have sex sober? Damn, learn something new everyday.

  • Such wit. I love it. Is it just me or does ESmain boast more sophisticated writing than Hollywood now? To think we actually paid to watch shit like Hangover, Thor, Ride Along and American Hustle but we watch quality ESmain channels like this and Epic Rap Battles of History for free.