Spaghetti Shack Shakes Up Galleria | No Laugh Newsroom [Full Episode]

Publicado el 29 jun 2021
Kimia Behpoornia and Brennan go nuts for noods before Tao gives them a marinara serenade.

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Comentarios: 594

  • I like how everyone is losing their cool but Katie is just stone faced the entire time.

  • Katie nodding her head to this song with a straight face just killed me xD

  • Katie is the final boss of Breaking News

  • I feel like they made this show just to show off Katie's sociopath poker face.

  • If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: this game literally isn't fair when Katie plays.

  • Even Brennan had the wide eyes of trying-really-hard-not-to-crack, but Katie was stone cold throughout.

  • I am convinced that Katie is capable of pulling off any line with a straight face.

  • “The chef was too tall to be good at his job”

  • Katie is so good, legend has it that she actually scored points on an episode of breaking news.

  • Katie, Brennan AND Tao! This gonna be good!!

  • Between Tao saying, "Okay, I hope the lawyers are good." and Brennan's face at

  • Tao off to a perfect start. A perfect storm with the song there, almost like it was written for him to lose. XD

  • Lyrics -

  • Katie has only broken once in this entire series it's impressive but kinda scary

  • I love how Tao’s counter went to 10 at the introduction of Katie’s character and it didn’t even show his face during.

  • "Your facts are wrong, the storm is named Diane" broke me mentally, physically, and spiritually.

  • I was fine until I found out the storm was actually called Dianne and then I god damn lost it 😂

  • It's ironic that Kimia was part of a tie since she isn't wearing one.

  • Katie's secret is thinking about the endless void that is humanity and those watch those she calls friends wrapped in the spirals of a senseless apathy that is painless, caressed by the quiet sound of their laughs into oblivion.

  • I love the Dead Inside face of Katie on every Breaking News, and I love how Tao starts laughing even before the episode starts proper.