Special Musical Broadcast Really Wails | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 23 nov 2021
Shukri and Ally perform music for Brennan and Ryan to dance to.

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Comentarios: 332

  • Shukri's face when she successfully played hot cross buns off the dome. Delightful.

  • "What do you love most about America?"

  • Ally making people break by saying genuine shit like "there's one on the bottom!" is the best.

  • I love how immediately Ally puts their hands over their face when they realize what’s happening. They’re already ready for this to be a travesty lol

  • I love how Brennan’s mind for singing Hot Cross Buns went to singing “Hot cross buns. See how they run,” as if the song was 3 Blind Mice because that’s exactly where my mind went too

  • I love how a good recorder performance was enough to break them.

  • Well, Katie doesn't even break a smile, but she sure does know how to write script. Thank you and Jess for making my dinner so musical🤣🤣🤣

  • so you're telling me Brennan and Ryan are two completely different people? no i refuse

  • Great rendition of hot cross buns. Ron Don Johnson truly is a gifted recorder player

  • The sheer panic and pain when put on the spot was palpable. Like, omg, they are so good, and pure.


  • Brennen following the prompt and sounding like a politician, true sentiment though.

  • I believe that’s, twice now that Ally has butchered the Star Spangled Banner?😂

  • Brennan throwing it back to the national anthem is the brain parasite I needed today

  • I love how genuinely impressed Ally was by Shukri’s recorder skills

  • Hey CH, as you start making these old episodes public, please don't remove them from your Dropout-only playlists. I like to keep track of when the episode was initially released.

  • That is EXACTLY what I would do if I was forced to play the recorder on the spot considering Hot Cross Buns is the only song I know by heart

  • I lived in Europe for 7 years that "bacon egg and cheese" hit me FUCKING hard

  • "Oh there's a hole on this side?"

  • "Say something you love about America" - three of them break immediately