Summit of the Subreddits

Publicado el 27 abr 2021
Your upvote counts. For more internet personified, check out the entire Google Is a Guy series:

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  • Yes, that was actually Gilbert Gottfried.

  • This is all spot on, especially r/rarepuppers

  • Wow, this is probably the most civil debate reddit has ever had.

  • r/unpopularopinion being actually popular is on point.

  • I have never been so offended by something I one hundred percent agree with!

  • Obsessed with the deadpan little remarks the redditors toss out 😭 “f in the chat” “you dropped this king” “username checks out” PLEASE

  • "Police Officers of reddit....."

  • Man, this really reminds me of CH's old content like "Roast of HBO" or something. Really on point and funny.

  • Its so impressive how Sam can voice so many different characters and have them all sound distinct and different.

  • "I also choose this guy's stocks"

  • r/Unpopularopinion is really accurate

  • Ok, this was really well done. As an Obscure Guinness World Record holder I can say that. AMA.

  • "I'm sure I'm the minority here-"

  • r/facepalm should've been there and just kept facepalming everytime the subreddits argued

  • Unrealistic, it didn't immediately devolve into a rage-fueled screaming match.

  • Pitch Meeting

  • Me:

  • Please serialise this. It's great

  • The thumbnail made me think this was a TheOdds1Out video

  • There is an internet building?!