The Problem with Jeggings

Publicado el 15 jul 2012
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Nudity is not a style.

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  • Imagine all students and teachers wear all those things. School must be fun.

  • "What about Aaron, he's wearing a hat?"

  • I'm a teacher in a school district with a dress code, and this is basically my whole day every day all school year.

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  • Ok, but "can I wear this condom?" "Not instead of pants!" is possibly one of the funniest exchanges ever written.

  • a silly joke in 2012, a serious issue in 2018

  • Toeless boots guy wasn't hurting anybody...

  • “NO, NO, NO, I can wear a Nert! I am a adult, I’ve earned this right!”

  • People need to realize that "wear what you want" isn't always true. We live in a society where appearances are everything. You dress up in a tie and dress shirt, you will be mistaken for a college professor, businessman, or even rich guy. Get caught wearing a snap-back with your pants hanging down, people will treat you as someone from the ghetto. Dress up like a weaboo or otaku, people will think you are going to a convention when in reality, you dress like that because you enjoy it.

  • Legend has it:

  • I like pretending that the book he slammed on his desk was a Bible.

  • The fishnet body suit looks great tho

  • Funny... Fishnet tops are a thing... The girl looked great in her fishnet body suit tho

  • anyone else just wear baggy hoodies and sweat pants all day long? I never wanna get out of them

  • I was in class a few years back and the teacher was saying all the things we couldn't wear and my class flipped out that I was allowed to wear my Kippah but they couldn't wear hats. They were so stupid, it was scary.

  • I feel like the girl with the sweater earring started the trend of lesbian earrings AKA making any random tiny object into earrings

  • This has gotta be one of my all time favorite College Humor sketches

  • "Can I wear this condom?"

  • How the fuck did most of these people take the bus to school in the morning with out being mistaken as exhibitionist?

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