The Six Girls You'll Date in College

Publicado el 9 may 2011
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A prequel to the Four Women You'll Marry.

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  • I remember first watching this video when I was 13 thinking “college is gonna be awesome” and now I have depression

  • "You were too afraid to mess things up, and messed things up." Literally felt that deep into my bones.

  • Rest here traveller, your journey through nostalgia must be tiring.

  • "The Six Girls You'll Date in College"

  • The church one with the kinky sex equipment is 1000% accurate.

  • Plot twist: The Six Girls You'll Have a CRUSH in College

  • The girls you'll date in college:

  • Number 7.

  • Your college teachers have a better chance to date one of your classmates than you do.

  • Girls I dated in college:

  • Back when college humor was humor about college

  • Me who didn't make any girlfriend until the end of college:

  • "Who in their right mind would f*ck their hoodie?!"

  • "You're not going to mess this up, you won't mess this up, you won't mess this up. How did you mess this up? You were too afraid to mess things up and that messed things up" Perfect quote to describe my love life

  • "You were too afraid of messing things up, and that messed things up. Maybe that's irony."

  • “The six girls you’ll date in college.”

  • "She saw a Wes Anderson trailer once, and thinks you're quirky."

  • so you're telling me I was supposed to go to parties and talk to girls?

  • Me: sees title “The Six girls you’ll date in college”

  • I watched this just for laughs when I was 14 and now I’m in college, getting a liberal arts degree and have began to experience these situations. I don’t like how relatable this video is becoming 😅😂