Tinder Profile Picture Day (Animated Edition)

Publicado el 25 may 2021
A picture is worth a thousand swipes.

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Comentarios: 513

  • I was really hoping that Grant’s crush would be voiced by Keith

  • animated grant finds love before actual grant

  • grant's bowtie has to become a running joke.

  • Poor grant, maybe someday he'll find love

  • You forgot the people who use pictures of their dogs

  • Another great one is the "all group pictures so no one knows which one they are"

  • I’m so happy they started animating again. Most of the others are from 5 years ago

  • Why I am picturing that Grant fall in love with someone that looks almost like him.

  • Even though nobody can see what you look like in ski gear, it's even more of a slippery slope trying to ascertain the exact wealth of a person wearing said ski gear.

  • Tinder is a great place if you want to lower your self-esteem.

  • Grant falls in love with the perfect guy for him, another Grant

  • 0:08

  • When the “if google was a guy” intro music starts, I was confused, happy and sad at the same time 😄😭😂

  • This is a great animated sketch

  • I was waiting for the obligatory fish picture every guy has.

  • I hope the two have a happy ending together

  • pls CH, bring back those OG days!!

  • Step 1: Feel lonely.

  • My favorite are the profiles on Bumble where she's mastered the art of a single extremely close-up and blurry photograph that looks like shotgunned watercolors, with no other info. It's so classy!

  • Grant's soulmate is Keith from buzzfeed confirmed