Troopers vs. Performance Reviews

Publicado el 15 dic 2020
Dread Lord gives Larry and Rich a performance review...from the future.

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Comentarios: 289

  • Only demoted? Dreadlord has gotten soft. I remember when he incinerated people for suggesting “More mashed potatoes in the mess hall”. Gooooood times.

  • This is my favorite series ever

  • Did... did dreadlord just show rich how he dies? That was surprisingly dark

  • I love that you went back to the original troopers

  • Morale of the story: Being dumb is inevitable.

  • Hands down,

  • I don’t even care its a cartoon, this still is beautifully stupid, i love it

  • Dear self in 5 years: ESmain screws with your recommended. You’ve already watched this.

  • This is the best series college humor has made, I’m so glad they brought it back

  • "NO GIMME"

  • I am so happy the original troopers is back and in cartoon form

  • That was actually quite hilarious! Good stuff.

  • Keep these coming, they're amazing

  • im so glad this series has come back!

  • Every time I watch this video, a small part of my brain expects that every time Rich or Larry suggests a way to stop the hole being shot into the spaceship, Dreadlord Sinister will "thank" them for their suggestions...

  • I like how college humor does old stuff like they used to but I’m also sad because of the reason there doing it

  • Love that you guys brought back troopers

  • “Oh no , it was predicted “ 🤣

  • This is one of the best ones. Troopers keeps delivering

  • Wow. Great video College humor. Keep these coming!