Troopers vs. Social Media

Publicado el 17 nov 2020
Rich and Larry explore Parallelogram, the galaxy's hottest new social media app.

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Comentarios: 418

  • compare and despair folks

  • The grass is always greener in every other parallel universe.

  • "What do I score?"

  • So basically there is no worst Larry

  • Sam and Josh! It would be iconic if they could get Aubrey Plaza back for a cameo!

  • Moral of the story: there’s no such thing is a successful Larry

  • When the world needed them most...

  • Even though Larry's social media rating was dropping faster than his self-esteem, at least Larry's workstation was bigger than that of the Dreadlord.

  • Yes larry and rich are back

  • I'm finally in college now. I get this humor xD

  • When are the rick and morty fans coming to explain how this is illogical

  • with infinite choices along a lifetime, its nice to know that the Larrys are mostly Consistent with their decision making

  • Okay, I really need Parallelogram to be a thing in the future. That's honestly such a cool idea.

  • Damn so what ever multiverse Larry is in he is the worst one forever!!

  • I love troopers, keep making great content you absolute legends

  • Imma just say it, “Parallelogram” is the ultimate wordplay

  • So compare and despair is a real thing and Larry was right not to do it. Also a scathing indictment of social media culture.

  • "The Least Successful Larry in the Multi-verse" Man I felt that.

  • To be fair, if this app was real, I would love verbally assaulting the racist version of me and have fun chatting with the me that had a better social life.

  • i havent seen a collegehumour animation in a looooong time