Troopers vs. Teleporter

Publicado el 1 dic 2020
UberEats in space doesn't work quite as nicely.

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Comentarios: 381

  • I thought this would be about a trooper trying to shoot a teleporter, who teleports away but gets shot anyway because the troopers aim is so bad

  • If his junk is now the cannoli, what is in Dread Lord's food?

  • “No, no, no. Mix anything up enough and it falls right back into place.” 😂

  • i'm so happy they are making more troopers and animated!

  • Just send the food separately, my god, he isn’t a good evil lord

  • Oh my god, OG fans remember how epic Collegehumor’s Troopers series was

  • " Trooper where have you been? " "

  • Take this Rubik's Cube: I got angry and shot it! 😅

  • Notice how dreadlord asks for cheese pizza, but the trooper brings pepperoni.

  • Holy moly his thing is a Cannoli!

  • I feel like the live action component really added a huge level of comedy to the trooper series

  • Great to see this series back. I loved the live-action sketches when I was younger, and they still make me laugh a lot whenever I rewatch them.

  • I'm so happy they brought back the original troopers

  • Seriously, who is animating these? The amazing voice talents plus the animations make these videos brilliant likes

  • I love the series So far I hope more would come

  • It needed one more cutback to dreadlord fishing around the bag and saying "ooo wait what is this..."

  • It's good to see College Humor still standing

  • "Troopers. Now, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. A long time."

  • This series is so funny. Make more videos like that.

  • PLEASE make more of these!