True Stories From the CollegeHumor Office | No Laugh Newsroom [Full Episode]

Publicado el 1 jun 2021
Trapp & Katie read a riveting report from the office. The team shares their favorite Grant memories.

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  • Reminder that there are tons of episodes of Breaking News up on

  • This is grants revenge for “true facts about Grant Anthony O’Brien”

  • The fact that Grant’s typos and opportunities for improv were the things that made Brennan break is the best

  • Katie is a stone-cold pro. She owns this show. Not even a contest.

  • He wrote a whole script to promote himself and they still managed to bully him lol

  • I feel like Katie shouldn’t be allowed to do these anymore. She’s too good.

  • Grant Anthony O'Brien tries to get revenge, and it backfires horribly.

  • The fact that Brennan has broken not once but TWICE at the mention of Grant and syphilis.

  • All I’m saying is Grant now needs to write the script for a “True Facts About Brennan Lee Mulligan” episode, please and thank you

  • "How tall is Grant, exactly?"

  • Brennan looks like he’s been locked in the Collegehumour basement between videos.

  • Every time Brennan is a compliment about Grant he looks like he’s dying inside

  • alternate title: grant's retaliation for "true facts about grant anthony obrien"

  • “It’s the disease that killed Al Capone, and I’ve had it twice, as I like to Al Cabone.” -Grant on his Syphilis.

  • Fun fact: Katie has never smiled.

  • My 3 favorite things about Grant:

  • A brilliant sequel to "True Facts about Grant Anthony O'Brien."

  • Nothing will ever beat the episode where Brennan called Grant a “stinky little trash pig”.

  • Breaking News has cracked up me so much, and I'm so glad its back.

  • God, Katie is a freaking BEAST on these "Don't Break" challenges.