Un-safe Sex

Publicado el 9 ene 2008

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Love is in the air in "Checkin' For Gas 5," CollegeHumor's first porno.

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Comentarios: 4 977

  • Scary how accurate this is to standard porn dialogue... not that I'd know much about it.

  • PLEASE make a part 2 of this. AMAZINGLY FUNNY.

  • Still a better love story than twilight :D

  • the entire video I thought it was leading up to a fart joke

  • I laughed my ass off when I saw that too. That was an awesome episode.

  • Watched this way back when I was 11. Finally understood what they were doing. Used to think the girl had a licking fetish.

  • I never thought there was worse acting then porn actors. But... Lol.

  • First time I watched this was when it came out....almost 10 years later I am re-watching this and realizing how cringe worthy it is

  • Ah the old days when CH was so much funnier.

  • 32 million visits with 6,893 disappointments XD

  • "you know a lot about gases" - I nearly peed my pants! awesome humor!

  • Licking doors is the new sexy

  • every damn porn

  • 10 years and still priceless!

  • Lmao I love the licking of the door. Funny stuff! xD

  • I watched this back when i had started watching porn. Just found it that

  • she needs to be in more college humor videos... that take place at the beach

  • this is how those women go in killing streaks, the man comes for the body, and then the cycle continues

  • umm wouldnt the carbon monoxide kill BOTH of them?

  • This is too funny, the number of double entendres :)